Women of the Word is a non-profit organization conducting Christian women’s conference and online Christian Bible studies. Women of the Word also offers bible reading plans and instruction for how to understand the Bible for beginners.

WOW's online Christian Bible studies serve women of all denominations, cultures and ages and is focused on teaching biblical principles (using Bible reading plans) and their application in daily life.

Please contact Betsy Roy, National Director, if you would like to see a Women of the Word conference come to your area!

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We Serve Women

WOW serves women of all denominations, cultures and ages. Our speakers are anointed and seasoned women who teach the Word of God with power. Women are encouraged to live fully for God, exemplifying Christ’s crucified life.


Women of the Word is currently headquartered in New England under the leadership of President and National Director, Betsy Roy. WOW New England has grown in recent years... events are also held in the Mid-Atlantic, Southern and Mid-west regions of the United States.

The Spirit Behind Our Work

Women look for fulfillment in various avenues, but the Bible teaches us that we are “complete in Christ” (Colossians 2.:10). It is only in an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord Jesus that the deepest needs of a woman’s heart and soul can be met. He is the answer to all of life’s situations, and the Bible becomes alive, active and personal through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Many women suffer from barrenness in areas of their lives. The Bible teaches that when we face situations with a Christ-like attitude, God will cause these areas to become fruitful. Isaiah 54:1-5 (NIV) has much to say to us as women. These verses also speak to the generations that follow us. We must pass the baton to the next generation, teaching them the Word of God and the empowerment that comes by the Holy Spirit.

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