The People in Your life – Part 3

by June Evans 

Written wisdom from Mama June: People are a part of your life. If you are not careful people can affect your life in very negative ways. What to watch for:

Cathy, June, Sandy
Positive people: Cathy Craige, June Evans, Sandy Childress at Women of the Word


1) Angry people. You can learn their angry ways.

2) Gossipers. If they talk to you about others they will talk about you behind your back.

3) Bitter people. Bitterness of other people will defile you.

4) Fair weather friends. They forsake you during the bad times.

5) Self centered people. They really do not care about you. Just care about what you can do for them.

6) People who abuse with words. Words hurt and can live in your thinking a long time.

You cannot always avoid negative people, but you can determine they will not cause you to become as they are. The world is full of good people. Thank God for the good ones. Be watchful around the negative ones.

June Evans is pastoral advisor to Women of the Word and a speaker at WOW events. You can read her words of wisdom on Facebook.


by June Evans

Written wisdom from Mama June:

Recognize that there are emotions and attitudes in you which are not good and really do need to be controlled. The Bible calls these as “flesh.” Living by the “flesh” gives sin access in your life. To live by the “flesh” is to live in the weakness of your own self control.

You do not have to live at the mercy of things in you which you cannot control. Know that self control is accomplished by spirit filled living.fruit_of_the_spirit_word_art_party_plate-rbadc84ad7cb7487cbd35efbe17d1bf4a_ambb0_8byvr_512

Know that spirit filled living does not happen. You must make genuine effort to live spirit filled. Give the Holy Spirit the freedom to work in your life. He is not a dictator. He works when you ask Him to work.

Then, make effort to walk after the Holy Spirit. Think of yourself as a person under the control of the Holy Spirit. Take charge over the unruly self that has bad emotions, bad attitudes, angry words, hurt feelings, etc. This is not the “real” you if you are a Christian. The “real” you is a person who has given the control of self into the hands of the Holy Spirit, and you will be amazed at what kind of person you will become.

He has been producing His fruit of self control in humans who will allow Him to do so, and we become really lovable, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle people. That is a lot better than bitter, depressed, angry, impatient, hateful, bad, unfaithful, harsh people. I found you have more friends when the Holy Spirit controls you. People tend to like you, and that is a good thing.

You can read Mama June’s written words of wisdom on Facebook at #writtenwisdomfrommamajune. She will also be a speaker you can hear live at the Fall 2015 Women of the Word Conference October 16 & 17, 2015. Tell your friends and come!

Button Pushers

By Barbara Benton

Have I ever mentioned that I have a granddaughter named Madison Benton?  I know, I know – only ten thousand times!  Madison has brought me so much joy and has taught me a lot.  Out of the mouths of babes!

For a while, Gaylon’s mother lived with his sister Sheila.  One Sunday the whole family was able to be together.
Barbara1All my sons and their families were even able to be there.  Madison loves Grandma Benton (Gaylon’s mother)!    When Madison  walked into the room and saw Grandma Benton, she went over to the chair where  Grandma was sitting to give her a hug, and then sat with her for a while.  


Grandma Benton, at that time, wore a necklace around her neck that was connected to the alarm system of the house.  Should Grandma  have difficulty and need help, she could press the button on the necklace which would notify the alarm company ; however, the alarm company was the only one who could hear it.  Madison was admiring the necklace and none of us realized she was pressing the button over and over, sending out an alarm.   The company called to ask if Mrs. Benton was okay. Indeed she was okay, it was just that someone was pushing her button. 

Who is your button pusher?  We all have people who push our buttons.   It can be the controlling boss, the distant husband, the adult child, the difficult co-worker, the parent who can’t let go, the gossip at church that causes division, and on and on.     I hate to say this, but there are even times we are “stuck” with button-pushers  who will be a part of our lives for a looooong time.  We don’t have to allow them to ruin our lives.   Grandma did not stop enjoying her family or the day because someone pushed her button, and the reason was:   the secure connection she had.  Jesus had button-pushers waiting in line for a turn to push His buttons, but He always spoke and reacted based on who He was and to Whom He was connected.

I have watched so many people rant and rave in real life, in church and on Facebook about their “button-pusher.”   I am still shocked to see on a social medium, like Facebook, that they identify the button-pusher for all to see.   Yet, this does not bring peace.   I used to scream at or plot against my button-pushers causing my emotions to get out of hand, ruining my day and the day of others.   In some cases that is exactly what the button-pusher wanted.  In other cases, it just made me seethe longer and dislike myself.  One of the lessons button-pushers taught me was that I don’t have to attend every argument to which I am invited. My peace means more than that. 

My name is Barbara Benton and I am child of the Most High God!  I have a direct connection with Him. I’ve now learned to allow God to speak peace to my heart, to calm me down.  Like the company that monitored Grandma Benton, God is out for good and He will keep me secure.  He can calm my spirit  when I am agitated.  He can touch me where I hurt so deeply.  He can help me love myself.  He can lead me to relationships that help me grow and enjoy the journey.  He can tell me when it’s time to walk away from some people. So the next time your button-pusher starts pushing, push your own button.  Call out to God who is a very present help in the time of trouble.  He is a faithful and trusted security company. 

Count it as pure joy to know that no matter what comes your way today, your security is in the Lord. Security in the Lord is knowing that you completely trust in the Lord and that He will work all things out according to His will for your life.

Hebrews 13:6 – So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

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