Christian, How Then Shall We Vote?

Many Christians did not vote in the 2016 Presidential election, and I understand that. I almost didn’t either. I didn’t like the choices. However, I believe the Bible does teach us to pray for our leaders and government and to be involved in the process and not abdicate our duties. So, I did vote in 2016 and subsequent elections, and I will vote in 2020.

In 2020 the stakes are even higher than they were in 2016.

We are in the midst of a culture war. As Christians, I believe we are to vote according to God’s voter guide and that’s the Bible — God’s Word. To vote according to our personal preferences and ideas is self-serving. We are to serve God in all our ways, and that includes voting. In the USA, we have this right so we must exercise it.

We must look at the platforms of the parties and vote on the issues, not the personalities of the candidates. It’s not about whom we like or don’t like. I don’t particularly like either candidate for President, but I don’t hate either of them. The amount of hate speech which we supposedly shouldn’t tolerate that has been leveled at both men from both sides, including spoken by Christians, is unbelievable and reprehensible. Both candidates have engaged in this as well, and that is to our nation’s shame.

If I were to make a character assessment I think it’s safe to say that both men are prideful and arrogant. So let’s lay character aside, and focus on policies. This is not to say that character isn’t important, because it is. But given the present circumstances, we must look primarily at policies.

So, what are the policies ? And more importantly, what does God think about these policies ?

As Christians we are to take out our Bibles and earnestly search the Scriptures to ascertain as best we can the mind of the LORD. Isaiah 55:6-9 tells us “Seek the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” But thanks be to God, He has given us His Word and the Holy Spirit to help us.

Our problem is that we won’t take the time to search out God’s thoughts most of the time . We’d rather have our own thoughts and opinions and ask God to bless them. It doesn’t work that way.

I am not going to quote any more Scripture here. Each Christian most dig into God’s Word themselves and ask the Holy Spirit to bring revelation and application. I will ask a few questions though.

  1. What are God’s thoughts about life from the womb to the tomb? Is it to be honored or thrown away?
  2. What are God’s thoughts concerning Israel and how nations are to interact with the land and the people?
  3. What are God’s thoughts concerning the covenant of marriage?
  4. If we are created in God’s image, why would we change that image by changing our sexual identity?
  5. What are God’s thoughts regarding the role of government and the role of the Church?
  6. What are God’s thoughts regarding the poor, the needy, the orphan, the widow?

Now, no candidate or party platform is going to align with God’s thoughts perfectly. But which candidate’s actions (not his words) align the best? In view of God’s thoughts as written in His Word, how then shall we vote?

Types of Government

Let’s all admit that all government ideologies are flawed and imperfect because they are set up and ruled by human beings. However, which type of government is the least oppressive to the most people? Theocracies, Socialism, Marxism and Communism have all proven themselves to be fatally flawed if we look at them historically. Do we as a nation want to go down any of those roads? Democracies and Republics are also flawed but they do allow for the peaceful expression of individual ideas without fear of oppression and reprisal. Or at least they are supposed to!

A founding principle of the US Constitution is religious freedom

Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom and the free exercise thereof. Which candidates for President, Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, and state and local government officials uphold that?

There are many weighty matters to consider as we cast our votes in 2020. But cast them we should, especially as Christians. It is our right and our duty. So, again I ask — how then shall we vote? Prayerfully my vote will align as much as possible with God’s thoughts and the founding principles of our Constitution and I pray yours does also.

Finally, let’s pray for our nation.

Father, in the name of Jesus our Savior we bring the United States of America before you. We acknowledge Father that we have grievously sinned on many levels. We have disregarded your commandments. We repent and ask your forgiveness. We deserve your righteous judgments. We come before you humbly asking for your hand of mercy to stretch out again over our nation and heal our land and our people. Amen


Betsy Roy is the Director of Women of the Word, an inter-generational ministry dedicated to helping women grow as disciples of Jesus by applying God’s Word through the power of the Holy Spirit. WOW holds conferences, retreats, Bible seminars and trips to Israel

Betsy and her husband Jim lead the trips to Israel, which include visiting with local believers, both Messianic and Arab. Together they have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren which are the delight of their hearts. God’s mercy endures from generation to generation.