by June Evans

Written wisdom from Mama June:

Recognize that there are emotions and attitudes in you which are not good and really do need to be controlled. The Bible calls these as “flesh.” Living by the “flesh” gives sin access in your life. To live by the “flesh” is to live in the weakness of your own self control.

You do not have to live at the mercy of things in you which you cannot control. Know that self control is accomplished by spirit filled living.fruit_of_the_spirit_word_art_party_plate-rbadc84ad7cb7487cbd35efbe17d1bf4a_ambb0_8byvr_512

Know that spirit filled living does not happen. You must make genuine effort to live spirit filled. Give the Holy Spirit the freedom to work in your life. He is not a dictator. He works when you ask Him to work.

Then, make effort to walk after the Holy Spirit. Think of yourself as a person under the control of the Holy Spirit. Take charge over the unruly self that has bad emotions, bad attitudes, angry words, hurt feelings, etc. This is not the “real” you if you are a Christian. The “real” you is a person who has given the control of self into the hands of the Holy Spirit, and you will be amazed at what kind of person you will become.

He has been producing His fruit of self control in humans who will allow Him to do so, and we become really lovable, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle people. That is a lot better than bitter, depressed, angry, impatient, hateful, bad, unfaithful, harsh people. I found you have more friends when the Holy Spirit controls you. People tend to like you, and that is a good thing.

You can read Mama June’s written words of wisdom on Facebook at #writtenwisdomfrommamajune. She will also be a speaker you can hear live at the Fall 2015 Women of the Word Conference¬†October 16 & 17, 2015. Tell your friends and come!

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