Grave Disappointments

March 26, 2024 Devotional by Rose-Marie Slosek

“The Teacher has come and is calling for you.” (John 11:28)

The ways of God can be difficult to understand. Disappointment and hurt can come by what happens in life, especially when we have expectations of how we think that God should act. 

Mary and Martha call for Jesus to come and help their sick brother, Lazarus. Jesus deliberately delays His coming. Meanwhile, Lazarus dies. When Jesus finally shows up, grave disappointment and hurt have already started to settle in. Jesus already knows what He will find.

Martha goes to meet Him, but Mary is too hurt to even go out to see Him. Jesus tells Martha to summon Mary: “The Teacher is here and is asking for you.” In our times of disappointment and disillusionment, our Teacher comes and asks for us. He cares about our feelings, but He cares more that we understand who He really is because that will bring more lasting fruit and glory to Himself.

We know Jesus on one level, but He wants to bring us to a deeper level. As such, sometimes He uses circumstances that we don’t understand to take us deeper. Jesus starts to engage with Mary, but she is in no mood for an eschatology lesson. She wants her brother, alive, here and now. Jesus wants to deepen the relationship they have, but she can only see what is in front of her, or in this case, who is not in front of her. 

We look at the short term, but Jesus looks at the eternal and long term. Our Teacher comes to us, asking for us by name, calling to us tenderly when we have experienced deep loss, disappointment, and grief. Sometimes we are not ready for what He has to say, but what He has to say can only be eternally life-giving. He wants us to know not just that there is a resurrection in some future day, but that He, Himself, is the resurrection. 

In our moments of grief, we can know that the Teacher is well aware of our deepest needs. Jesus chose to teach this lesson by involving some of His closest earthly friends. This can be a hard thing to understand, but we must know that the Lord’s wisdom is at work. When this happens to us, it can leave us shaken, but our dear Lord calls us to Himself so that He might teach, impart, and even resurrect. He may choose to press on those He loves dearly and who know Him deeply in order to impart greater truth. May we learn to receive comfort from the Resurrection Himself in the midst of our grave disappointments.


Rose-Marie Slosek came to know the Lord in the early nineteen seventies and has a passion for organic church and the maturing of the Body of Christ. She loves to connect people and build healthy community in small groups. She travels widely and assists several mission teams. Rose-Marie also serves Women of the Word on their Board of Directors. She can be reached at email

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