Steadfast and Courageous

by Betsy Roy

The Fall 2017 Women of the Word events were entitled “Steadfast” in North Carolina, and “Courageous” in Maine. Both themes are a now word to women as these are character qualities we need to develop in order to live victoriously in today’s world.  We need to dig into God’s Word for His strategies and we need the power of the Holy Spirit daily so that we can implement God’s strategies at the appropriate time and in life giving ways.

At both events the Holy Spirit moved amongst us. The events opened with concerts of worship and prayer. All the women participated praying together for one another, the church and our nation. In North Carolina great joy broke out during the Saturday evening worship service causing the women to be ready to receive anointed ministry before the teaching of the Word. Hallelujah! Women also moved into great freedom in Maine as the Holy Spirit brought deliverance to several of them. Many were baptized by the Holy Spirit and operated in the gifts of the Spirit.

Christine Disibio

Our speaker team at both events was inter-generational as were the attendees. This is the heart of WOW – to reach women across generations. Below are some encouraging testimonies from women who attended.

“I do not know what was more stunning this past weekend; the scenery or the word that came forth from our powerful speakers. What a weekend! I honestly feel like I got a taste of Heaven this weekend! Life-changing teaching was shared, beautiful worship, amazing fellowship, and did I tell you about that view?!

WOW has been part of my life for almost two  decades. Our topic this past weekend was Steadfast and I believe the leadership of WOW knows something

Lake Junaluska, NC

about being steadfast. We each need to be reminded that this journey is filled with trials and tribulations of all kinds but we must choose to cleave to Jesus and submit our wills to the cross. We never reach a moment in our relationship with Him where the blood of Christ or the cross are irrelevant. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can allow Him to “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.” (Psalm 139:23) Being steadfast in this journey allows that beautiful cleansing to take place so that we can reflect Jesus to a dying world who is so in need. This weekend was a must hear word! Contact WOW to get MP3 or CDs!” ~~ Marly Ellenburg from Seneca, SC

There are many things I love about WOW, the preaching & teaching the Word of GOD, the anointing, the sincerity in which the ladies serve, the supporting of one another, the edification lived out and expressed. Then there is the work of GOD in the services, in the motel rooms, around meal times, while traveling to and from the events. For me, most assuredly the residual affect in the lives of those who attend that far reaches Conference time and goes into the home, the community and the local church. Hold fast to that which has been received and keep on seeking until there are break throughs that move mountains.

A word of encouragement ladies and something to keep in mind: Much prayer has gone into seeking the LORDs plan for each event with each Lady who is going to attend in mind. It’s not for a moment of celebration only but it’s for a lifetime effect. Walk out what you’ve learned. Don’t forget you have been prayed for. And remember this, “Your situation may not have changed when you got back home, BUT you have!” ~~ Yvonne Beals from Madison, ME

Please pass this on to others: I heard people say what I felt – it was the best conference I have even been to! Thank you to all of you!! I often come home drained, but I felt encouraged and invigorated. It felt like a packed long weekend with it was only about 24 hours. It was great!! So many encouraging talks!! ~~ Margo Mason from Searsport, ME

After reviewing my notes from the “Courageous” WOW Conference in Maine, I found the underlying theme was the courage it takes to change ourselves. Change is something we naturally resist. We enjoy the comfort of routine and habits even if, at times, they are self destructive. We hold onto our anger and offense; and at times, we justify our words and actions that are contrary to the Word of God.

In June Evans’ lunch meeting, she spoke of how she cooperated with the Holy Spirit to change her into the woman she is today. She warned of self-deception, those “blind spots” that we all have and to ask the Holy Spirit to show us what they are. We were encouraged to be open to God’s discipline which will bring the peaceable fruit of righteousness. God’s grace empowers us not to sin.

Denise Ridley made a statement that struck me profoundly. “When a storm comes you can forget who you are.” In order for that not to occur: 1) Read the Word 2) Speak the Word 3) Obey the Word 4) Don’t Isolate! (get a prayer/accountability partner) 5) Be Persistent.

Betsy Roy’s teaching was transparent of her own life and rich with biblical steps to take in repentence and restoration.

I taught of how I had to have the courage to become a “Peace Maker” and not a “Peace Keeper” in my marriage which also overlapped into ministry. There were other wonderful messages that I am looking forward to listening to soon.

I would encourage you to contact the WOW office and order the cd sets (or mp3’s). Listen to them over and over again as they are timeless truths. I have cd’s from 10 years ago that I will take out and listen to even now.

God wants us to have the courage to be the Women of the Word He has called us to be. He has equipped us with His Word and with His Holy Spirit. We are truly overcomers in Christ Jesus! ~~ Kim Warf from Bangor, ME


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Betsy Roy

Director and President of Women of the Word. Professional Background - Registered Nurse Married to Jim for over 30 years. 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren.