Notes on Life

by June Evans – WOW Pastoral Advisor

I’m celebrating another birthday. My, my, these June Evans #1 1-07birthdays come around quickly, or else time is speeding up. The good thing about me is that I have gained the victory over aging. I have learned that growing older is a part of living. So rather than be depressed and sad about aging I celebrate what is behind and look forward to what is ahead. Every year of my life has been a step up the ladder of God’s high calling, and when God is in charge of the steps life is full of His wonderful works.

I know many of you will be wishing me “happy birthday,” and I appreciate your good wishes. However, I want to celebrate my birthday by giving God a “thank you and praise you” for all He has done with this woman. I gave myself to Him as a teenager when I was born again. Looking back I hardly recognize myself. I had no concept of the woman God would cause me to be. Doing what I do for Him today was not even in my thinking as a teenager. It is amazing to me how God can take a teenage girl, change her from glory to glory, and fit her for His use.

So, help me celebrate my birthday by giving God praise for a job well done with this woman. God had His work cut out when He took me in, but He has worked His life into me. I thank the Lord for what was, what is, and what is to come in my life. He has given me years worth living. No matter your age put God in your years, and every year will take you higher and higher. You will not grow older. You will grow better, and better is very good. 

Women of the Word wishes our pastoral advisor and “Mama”
a most Happy Birthday and many, many more! Mama June
will be ministering at the Spring WOW “Grace and Truth”
conference April 10 – 12. Join us for a life-transforming
time and step up higher on the ladder of God’s high calling.


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