A Call to Prayer for a Generation

by Christine Disibio

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I am a member of the group of people they call “Millennials” although I don’t feel as if I fit the common description of that group, and I wonder if other millennials feel the same. The media and pretty much every person who is older than a millennial like to describe us using words most of which are not edifying or encouraging. Who are the millennials? Why have they been so disparaged?

Technically the millennial generation spans the birth years of about 1980-2000 or so. People say if you were born in the early portion of the generation (as was I) you’re not so bad. Really what I want to know is why are any of us considered bad? It has become so popular to mock the millennial generation, I am left to rationalize that it is the devil himself who is out to get us. Even millennials themselves don’t know how to speak life over the generation. I confess I have been one of those people.

We are created in the image of God, we are his children, and He loves us. He made us unique individuals with gifts and talents, and he has a great desire to be in relationship with us. I really wish people of all ages would stop speaking destruction and death over our generation.

I want to plead with you to pray for this generation. Satan himself is after us! He is after all mankind, but never in history has he sought such destruction against an entire generation. Abortion is one of the proofs. Roe v. Wade in 1973 legalized abortion, a mere 9 years before the first precious millennial baby was born. According to the National Right to Life website, approximately 31,700,000 babies have been aborted in the years 1982-2002. That is 31,700,000 babies murdered who would have been members of my generation. My husband and I sat on our couch adding up the numbers year by year… we sat in silence, in horror. Deeply saddened, my husband noted that the number of aborted millennials is roughly ten times the population of Connecticut.

OH MY GOD, MY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US! Father, that you would still call us your children and want to bless us after such perversity. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled by satan into thinking we aren’t doing anything wrong by destroying these most fragile of lives. Lord, forgive us. Lord, thank you for your forgiveness, heal us, oh God. Heal our land, heal our people, heal our souls.

There is a song on Christian radio by Tauren Wells:

People hurting, people broken, beaten down and feeling hopeless….Wonder if it’s gonna always be this way?

Who will speak up for the captive? Show some love and heal a past that binds the wounds we think will never go away.

But what if we could be a people on our knees as one before the KING ‘Cause we believe. All the world starts changing when the church starts praying! Strongholds start to break……Oh, when we pray! Prison walls start shaking at the sound of praising. Nothing stays the same…. Oh, when we pray….Oh, when we pray…. oh in Jesus name…

I believe that all to be truth. If we would all stop speaking death over millennials and start uplifting then in prayer and speaking life…if we would all pray that satan and all his demons would SHUT UP and be gone in Jesus name! Listen, millennials are up against a lot. They have inherited a lot of iniquity, and little understanding of the state of their own souls. Many are hurting and some, no doubt, have been hurt by the church. People of God, the time is now to pray for this millennial generation. Will you join me? 

Click here to Read Part 1: A Message to Millenials from a Millenial

Christine Disibio is a speaker for Women of the Word, an inter-denominational and inter-generational conference ministry. She is a millennial with a heart to reach them and the iGeneration with the Gospel. In the everyday circumstances of life, the light of Jesus shines into darkness. Her life is rooted in applying biblical principles and prayer.

Christine Disibio

Christine and her husband are entrepreneurs who see their business as an avenue to witness of God’s redemptive purposes to their employees and customers. They have two young children and live in New England.

Christine will be leading a session at “Fearless Love”, the spring Women of the Word conference on April 28, 2018 in Bristol, Connecticut. The keynote speaker is Barbara Benton. Worship will be led by Josh and Elizabeth Eldridge. 

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