Crushed by Life?

By Barbara Benton


As I sat this morning, I felt overwhelmed by life, and what it can bring.

I spend a lot of time talking with women, ministering to women, teaching women, mentoring women and counseling women. Over the years that I have been doing this, I have met so many women who have been crushed by life. I am not talking about women with a little problem, but women who have been crushed, pulverized by life.

It can be crushing:
• To have been sexually abused by a father, grandfather or uncle.
• To have been abandoned by a husband who found someone he liked better.
• To not have enough money as a single woman trying to support a family.
• To be hurt deeply by church leaders.
• To suffer miscarriage and infertility.

If you are part of a women’s ministry or a small group, trust me when I say sitting beside you are women who are crushed by life.

Thank God that many churches are now offering groups to help women who have gone through divorce, abuse and other issues. One friend recently told me of a group she and her husband have begun for people wounded by the church, to help them make a re-entry into the Body of Christ.

Thank God for these things.

As a woman who has known the crushing of life, I’m thankful for every time the Church stepped up to minister to me. Yet, I have learned something along the way. As a woman of God, I personally must learn the Word of God, believe the Word of God and act on the Word of God. The Church can’t do that for me.

Chances are slim that we won’t experience a life-crushing event. It is part of the rhythm of life. Yet, never has the intention of God been that we would accept Christ as Savior, sit on church pews for twenty years and remain crushed by life.

We can blame it on our churches. We can blame it on our pastors. We can blame it on our women’s ministries. We can blame our families. (I have blamed them all, and then some!) It doesn’t really matter from whence came the crushing.

When life comes knocking hard and crushes us, we can cling to God and His Word. We can sing along with our favorite songs of worship. We can confess aloud the promises of God. Like the Psalmist, we can declare that we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Not only can we do those things – we MUST do those things. When we do this, something supernatural happens. I can’t even explain it because it is SUPERNATURAL. As we sing, as we cry out to God, as we confess His Word, God comes down and touches woes and turns them to wows. It is not always instantaneous, but He does bring healing and hope.

Are you crushed by life? Life will always have seasons where we are hard pressed on every side. Yet in the crushing moments, God’s power will prevail. He is the God who can change water into wine, and He is the God who can change woes into wows.

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8, 9

Barbara Benton is a speaker at Women of the Word conferences, an inter-denominational, inter-generational, and inter-cultural women’s ministry dedicated to transforming women into the image of Jesus through the teaching of God’s Word and the empowerment of His Spirit. Learn more at www.women-of-the-word. You can find more blogs by Barbara Benton at

Why I am a Woman of the Word

A very long time ago I was asked to speak to a Christian women’s conference in North Carolina. The name was Women of the Word.

WOW Logo Color

I  was somewhat nervous because I was not sure what a Women of the Word Conference would be like. Would I measure up to the standard expected of me? Would the conference measure up to the name?  Well, many years have come and gone, and I am still a part of  Women of the Word. It is my privilege to serve as pastoral advisor to this ministry and to minister at their conferences. It is a blessing to call myself a Woman of the Word.

What I appreciate about Women of the Word is that this ministry lives up to the name. This ministry is led by women who live by the word of God. Prayer is a part of the ministry, and the prayer is made to insure that God’s will is done. The messages preached during conferences are not religious sermons. The messages are from women who impart to all in attendance how God has worked to bring them to fulfillment. From the opening prayer of a conference to the closing prayer the Holy Spirit is present. Women are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered, etc. The moving of the Holy Spirit touches every one present.

The best thing about Women of the Word is that friendships and fellowship extends beyond the conference settings. My oldest son was in a car accident and in a critical and hopeless condition. My husband and I called those we knew would pray in faith with us. Betsy Roy, the director and leader of Women Of The Word, was one we called. She and the intercessors of Women Of The Word prayed with us, and God did a miracle. Our son is alive and well today. 

 I can testify that Women of the Word produces in a woman’s life what it advertises it will do. The test of any advertisement is whether or not what is advertised does what it’s name says it will do. My life is changed for the better because of Women of the Word. The women I have met through Women of the Word are a part of my life’s story. The Holy Spirit has made me a woman who really does live by the Word of God. Why not check us out? When you do, expect your life to be transformed. What woman would turn down an eternal life changing transformation. See you at the next conference. Take it from me you do not want to miss it.