My Knight in Shining Armor

by Lisa Gould

Many little girls pretend to be a princess and I was one of them. But the reality for me was far from the life of a princess. My father was an alcoholic, abusive emotionally, neglectful and had a violent temper. My childhood was very chaotic and unstable. His acceptance of me was based on how well I performed in all things. My father’s method of motivating me to perfection was to shame and humiliate me. In his brokenness my father did not know how to give me the love and acceptance I needed. I have compassion towards him and have forgiven him.

All I wanted was a knight in shining armor to rescue me and so I looked to young men to fill that void. At the age of seventeen I became pregnant. My Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 6.36.31 PMparents told me that if I ever came home pregnant they would disown me. My boyfriend told me that he did not want this child and if I had it, he would leave me. My role in life had always been to keep everyone else happy so they would love me. I felt I had no other choice but to have an abortion.   During the procedure I panicked and changed my mind. I sat straight up on the table and screamed for the doctor to stop.Two nurses came in and held me down and covered my mouth so he could finish the procedure. Once it was completed I lay on the table and sobbed uncontrollably. I cried out to God and told him I was so sorry for what I had just done. The nurse said “it’s okay dear, now you can go on with your life”. I thought; “I can never go on with my life! I don’t deserve any good thing”. From the day it happened I never told a soul and my boyfriend and I never spoke of it again.

A number of years later a Christian woman befriended me and I eventually attended church with her. I had a revelation that I needed a savior during the service and that Jesus was the “Knight in Shining Armor” that I had been seeking all this time! I left church that day overwhelmed by the forgiveness I had experienced as I repented and asked Jesus in my heart.

A few weeks later I was sitting in a special worship service. For the very first time in seven years I whispered ever so quietly through hot tears streaming down my face; “I know you have forgiven me for all my sins but I don’t know how you can forgive me for killing my baby”.   The worship leader stopped playing in the middle of the song and said; “There is a woman here who is longing for a child and the Lord wants you to know that you are forgiven and will go on to have many more children!” It was in that moment that I knew just how much Jesus loves, accepts, and forgives me and that HE truly is my Knight in Shining Armor.

The price he paid on the cross he offers to every woman who has had an abortion; forgiveness, redemption, restoration and acceptance. Let him be your Knight in Shining Armor! Receive his forgiveness!

Lisa Gould is Community Life Ministry Director at New Life Church in Biddeford, Maine.  She served on the Conference Steering Committee for the Women of the Word Fall 2015 Conference. Her testimony of that event follows:

What an amazing time in the Lord we had at our Women of the Word conference. The conference was an intentional, appointed time of God’s daughters coming together to see His hand move in their lives. As God’s vessels, each of the speakers brought a word in due season for women collectively and individually. This was not just another status quo event to attend and then go back to living life as usual. This conference has already and will continue to have a ripple effect on women as they received salvation, healing, strength, courage and have become equipped (meaning to mend the broken places) to carry out their destinies. The women who attended will be an example to others of God’s power to suddenly transform them. Those who attended will be contagious for the Kingdom as they encounter their families, friends, work colleagues and home churches. Revival is coming and we must be equipped as his daughters for such a time as this! Women of the Word is a tool God is using to accomplish this in the earth.

Choosing to Savor Each Moment: A Key to Personal Revival


By Dotty Schmitt

“This is the day the lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Ps 118:24

Life is made up of little moments of time. Dotty Schmitt As the moments of our lives accumulate they become days, weeks, months, years – and all too soon we look back upon a whole life-time of significant and often seemingly insignificant moments.

In our quest for corporate revival it is essential to cultivate a moment by moment savoring of His Presence wherever and whatever we are doing.  We learn to enjoy His gift of grace and love continuously by frequently lifting up our hearts in praise and thanksgiving.  His revival Presence will always come to hearts overflowing with gratitude, worship and praise – whether we are in the home, the mall, at work, or in our cars he loves to hear our words of love and appreciation.

Even in the midst of the many challenges and trials of daily life there is much beauty waiting to be discovered all around us.  Choosing to take time to appreciate the beauty of creation, of good music, of an inspiring book, of a well set table, or a thoughtfully prepared meal shared with family and friends brings to our lives an enrichment that invites His Presence into our “ordinary” moments.

Too often we waste the moments of our lives by regretting the past, living in the successes of the past, or by always living for the future.  As a young woman I was once told by a godly elder “Don’t wish your life away.”  It was counsel I have never forgotten.  Enjoying His abiding manifest Presence is for us now!

Looking back over forty-eight years of walking with the Lord there are many times a smile of deep gratitude comes to both my heart and face as I recount His great faithfulness.  A deep sense of contentment fills my soul as I continue to savor His amazing grace and lavish love.  Daily His Word is a delight to my soul.  And if, through the much activity of life, I fail to have an extended time of quiet fellowship and personal communion with the Love of my soul, I soon become very lonely for my most cherished and faithful Friend.  I long for His Presence in the ordinary moments of my daily life.

And perhaps herein lies the key to truly savoring the moments of daily life and thus discovering personal revival – a heart and mind continuously seeking, celebrating and enjoying the promises and presence of the only One who is able to say:

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5,6)

“… And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  (Matt.28:20b)

Even as we corporately await expectantly the greater moving of His Spirit in national revival, let us fill our daily lives with the beauty of His Presence permeating everything we say, do, and are!  Let’s together as His Church celebrate the awesome promise of Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Listen to Dotty’s Podcast on The Joy of Discovery entitled Understanding the Times.  She is a beloved speaker at Women of the Word. Along with her husband, Pastor Charles Schmitt they are the founding pastors of  Immanuel’s Church, and travel extensively internationally ministering to God’s people.