A Doorkeeper in the House of God

April 25, 2024 Devotional by Rose-Marie Slosek

For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [elsewhere]. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. (Psalm 84:10)

When we meet someone, we often ask, “What do you do?” We may foolishly decide how much to value people by what occupation they hold. This psalm proclaims the blessedness of being a doorkeeper in the house of God.

Who of us does not feel awed unto unworthiness in the Presence of God? It is in His Presence that we “live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). In His Presence our joy is full. When we gaze upon Him, we are not looking around at each other’s standing, but we are together beholding Him whom we love. What might be a lowly job for one might be an ideal job for another. If you love God’s Presence, how perfect would it be to have the job to open the door into His Presence?  Notice that the Psalmist does not compare being the doorkeeper with a more prestigious job or with the wealth of the rich, but juxtaposes the job against living in the tents of wickedness.

The godly have God’s Presence as their home. They carry His Presence everywhere, and they invite people into that Presence. They are like the folks who stay late after the party, saying goodbye first in the living room, then in the kitchen, then on the doorstep, then just outside the doorstep because they are having a wonderful time and do not want to leave. Such are those that love the Presence of God. They gate-keep themselves from going anywhere or doing anything that would quench that Presence. A life lived in God’s Presence is not one to be traded for all the money, riches, or prestige in the world. The opposite is a life lived in the tents of the wicked. You do not want to dwell there. 

We are able to welcome people into the Presence of God by a humble life, a hospitable spirit, and a clean heart. Many yearn for the refuge of the Presence of God but do not yet experience it. This is not a job just for “worship leaders” but for all of God’s people who live before Him and know His love.

You carry the fragrance of Jesus when you abide in Him and go forth into the world that smells of hate, and sin, and death.  Go forth and spread His Fragrance among the nations. People are dying to know Him and smell the fragrance of His beauty. It’s not a lowly place to hold the door open for people to come into God’s house; it is a privilege and an honor. 


Rose-Marie Slosek came to know the Lord in the early nineteen seventies and has a passion for organic church and the maturing of the Body of Christ. She loves to connect people and build healthy community in small groups. She travels widely and assists several mission teams. Rose-Marie also serves Women of the Word on their Board of Directors. She can be reached at email