Take the Lowest Place

February 10, 2023 Devotional by Rose-Marie Slosek

“But when you are invited, go and sit in the lowest place.” (Luke 14:10)

Jesus wisely tells us to take the low road, to not look to be recognized, to not seekfame or notoriety or position. Why would the King of Kings say such a thing? Because He Himself comes as a lowly Servant.  When we think that we belong ina higher position, with a better seat at the table, then we are not seeing others correctly.

All good leadership leads by serving. Good leaders bring up the rear even ifthey are up front. Good leaders circle back to make sure that no one is lost or left behind. Better yet, they lead from behind the scenes, or behind the pack, watchingover all to protect and guard.

If our hearts are focused on what is due us, or comparing ourselves with others, we lose sight of what is important. We cannot see ourselves clearly. It is up to the Master to determine what seat we deserve and where we should be placed. 

Do you feel things are beneath your dignity? Take some time to counsel yourself into a more lowly frame of mind. Have you been overlooked? Perhaps it is for your benefit. One of our fine colleagues counsels us to meet criticism with the response, “I am far worse than you know.”  Defending ourselves is not our call; serving others is. The more we look around to evaluate our position, the more time we waste. Roll up your sleeves wherever you are and do the task at hand. There may never be the kind of opportune moment you are looking for, so make use of this very moment. 

The best thing about taking the low place is that you won’t hurt yourself if you fall. Since you are already low to the ground, you can pick yourself up quickly and continue to serve.  Often, or always, our need to be recognized comes out of some inflated sense of ourselves. We imagine that we are something that we are not and have an unrealistic view of our talents and our spiritual progress.

Don’t embarrass yourself before principalities. They will make sport ofshooting arrows into your buffoonery. Stay hidden in God. Allow Him to exalt you or cause you to be abased. Have it all be the same to you. Fix your eyes on your Lord, and seek to serve Him and all that He would ask you to serve in His Name. Remember: it is His Name that you are called to represent.


Rose-Marie Slosek came to know the Lord in the early nineteen seventies and has a passion for organic church and the maturing of the Body of Christ. She loves to connect people and build healthy community in small groups. She travels widely and assists several mission teams. Rose-Marie also serves Women of the Word on their Board of Directors. She can be reached at email